progettazione impianti fotovoltaici

Design, installation and revamping
of anti-intrusion and video surveillance systems


Design, installation and revamping
of anti-intrusion and
video surveillance systems


We protect each system with the installation of intrusion detection and video surveillance systems for photovoltaic systems.

Following a careful inspection and before embarking on the design phase, our technicians prepare a risk analysis and cost/benefit analysis, with which the most satisfactory solution is identified and proposed to the customer in compliance with current regulations (CEI, EN, ISO, SOA).

Each system is protected by intrusion detection and video surveillance equipment. Once installed, the upgrade of the photovoltaic system safety equipment is guaranteed. We recommend that these interventions be carried out in the event of system flaws, design gaps, technological upgrades, expansion of the visual field, and an increase in the sensitivity of the alarm systems.

ESAPRO also boasts EN ISO 9001:2015, EN ISO 14001:2015, EN ISO 45001:2018 certifications.

Volumetric and linear systems

Such as IR (infrared), MV (microwave) and radar – mainly with industrial roofing, MW size ground-mounted systems and cabins of multi-MW ground-mounted systems

Differential pressure systems

installable under any type of surface and covering very large areas, these systems are particularly suitable for multi-MW ground-mounted photovoltaic systems;

Sistemi a fibra ottica

Used to prevent theft of photovoltaic modules and power cables as well as detecting burglary or break-in attempts through the fencing (cutting and/or climbing over)

Access control system

We manage access to the plant or to specific areas through the use of electronic devices such as badge readers or biometric readers, monitoring entry and exit of authorised persons, authorising vehicle access through the use of license plate reading cameras, activating/deactivating other security systems, recording the transit of people or vehicles and prohibiting entry at certain times.

CCTV Systems

• Complementary to the access control system and to the intrusion detection systems, CCTV systems allow the 24/7 Operation Centre operators, responsible for the remote monitoring of the plants, to distinguish and evaluate the alarms based on visual information received from the perimeter or from specific plant areas.

We strictly adhere to privacy legislation, thus ensuring both privacy by design and privacy by default that impose preventive measures (technical, documentary and organisational) to guarantee the security of data processing at the time in which the architecture is designed and for the entire duration of its processin

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