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Revamping and Repowering


Revamping e


We provide top solutions even for older systems: we guarantee safety, proper use of resources, and the restoration of efficiency through revamping and repowering activities for any photovoltaic system.
Through these activities, ESAPRO contributes to the achievement of national and international objectives regarding the production of electricity from renewable sources while pursuing the reduction of CO2 emissions.

With revamping activities, we intervene on older photovoltaic systems and/or those with well-known problems to bring them back to their initial efficiency, thereby preventing their premature deterioration and restoring their reliability. We aim to renew the systems from the technological standpoint and prevent the wear and tear of the equipment.

Repowering activities use all the recent technological developments, in particular the increased efficiency of modules, to maximize system power. We therefore upgrade existing plants to make them even more efficient and improve their performance.

Realizzazione impianti fotovoltaici


When to do it

  • Widespread presence of hot-spots or other anomalies in the modules
  • Inverters worn out
  • Poor performance ratio of the plant
  • Presence of design errors
  • Regulatory compliance


Why do it

  • To increase power output in relation to the surface area, by adding a new section
  • To switch to the latest generation high efficiency inverters

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